Email Marketing Consultation

Are you new to email marketing or have already dipped into the pool a little bit but need direction? I offer email marketing consultation where I provide you a general overview of best practices, review your existing strategy or propose a new one, and do an email account review to see where are the biggest opportunities for growth. After the consultation, you'll receive documentation with a summary of  my analysis and with action steps. 

Campaign Management

Your email campaigns provide you with the easiest touchpoint with your subscribers and customers. Talking to them regularly keeps your list warm and engaged, leading these contacts towards becoming a first-time customer or a returning customer. Your content needs to be informative, engaging and customized to achieve the best ROI.


Email automations are absolutely essential for e-commerce businesses. Many brands do not take advantage of the huge opportunities that these automations offer, and that means a loss of revenue. Whether it's an abandoned cart workflow, welcome email workflow, browse abandonment or cross-sell and upsell automation, these should be a staple for every business wanting to take their email marketing strategy to the next level. Email marketing automation takes all of the valuable data you have collected about your customers and organizes it so that when you send a message to your customer base, you target them based on this culled data. Simply, email marketing automation helps you to create highly personalized emails that reach the right audience with a targeted email message at the optimal time, without you having to put in extra time or effort to do it. 

List Segmentation

Your customers are unique. They have different tastes and are unique in every way. Knowing this, you cannot talk to all of them the same way. You need to create tailor-made messaging and content for them. That's where segmenting plays a huge role. You can segment your email list based on purchase data, location, interests, and other custom attributes. This leads to higher engagement for your email campaigns and email automations.