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Why Email Marketing Works

Updated: May 29, 2021

There is no shortage of available tools and strategies for companies wanting to increase their revenue through marketing channels: There is SEO, email marketing, re-targeting, social media marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, and dozens more.

Many of the categories didn’t exist few years ago, and there are many that we will use in the future that don't exist today yet.

But one category continues to perform well year after year: email marketing. For the longest time, email generates the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI and gives marketers the broadest reach of all the channels available to them. Email marketing is simply the best bet for business growth.

3 reasons using email marketing can grow your business

It has large reach.

Email is the currency of the web, and anybody who’s online has an active email address. And while Facebook and Twitter might seem pretty ubiquitous, the ongoing struggle over data breaches and privacy means plenty of people are exiting some social media channels.

So when it comes to connecting with your prospects and customers, there’s no channel with a wider reach than email.

It delivers your message.

Your email gets delivered. Every time. This is not true for your social media followers. Social media algorhytms are constantly changing, and only deliver your message to the fraction of your followers. But when you have a legit email subscriber, you can rest assured that your email makes it to the inbox.

Email marketing works on a permission base, meaning that you can only email people who explicitly gave you permission (let's not talk about cold emails here). At the same time, if you look at your Facebook account, you get bombarded with ads from companies you have never about on a daily basis. Which strategy do you think converts more people?

It drives conversions.

The focus of marketers is driving conversions. The ultimate goal is to lead potential customers down on the path of the customer journey, and eventually turning them into paying customers.

Across all marketing channels, email campaigns still have the highest click rates, averaging 6x higher click rates that social media posts, social ads, and retargeting. This means more traffic to your website coming from email campaigns, and more chance of a conversion on the website.

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