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Best Email Marketing Tools For 2021

Updated: May 29, 2021

Marketing tactics change like weather. But there is one that will stay for good. It's email marketing. It's one of the oldest, but still provides the highest ROI out of all.

Email #marketing continues to be popular among marketers. Every brand, no matter what the niche, should use #email marketing.

Email marketing tools are great for keeping in touch with your subscribers and customers. Let's review the best ones:


Our absolute favorite, Klaviyo is the king of email marketing platforms. “Klaviyo has many different helpful features packed into one very streamlined service,” highlights Jennifer Neylon of My Supplement Store.

This tool offers email scheduling, beautiful templates, and makes it very easy to segment contacts, set up automation workflows and test open rates, click rates, and other metrics.

Klaviyo also offers several ways to personalize your email campaigns, like inserting merge tags for customer’s names and other attributes, tracking previous purchases, so you can send personalized emails instead to your contacts.

Klaviyo offers abandoned cart, browse abandonment, welcome, cross-sell and upsell and other automations as well. You can choose from their suggested setups, or you can build your own setting up your triggers, flow filters and other custom elements.


MailChimp is a very popular marketing service, one of the OGs, known for being user-friendly with modern features. Features on offer at MailChimp range from customizable templates to comprehensive reporting, forms, and integration. Mailchimp let's you segment your contacts, use drag and drop email templates, build customer journey workflows and automations and set up your landing pages and signup form to convert visitors into subscribers. The free plan let's you get your feet wet, but if you want to take advantages of A/B testing, custom templates or manage a larger list, you will have to upgrade.


Drip let's you effortlessly add your branding to your emails with the visual email builder, and increase your email marketing success with segmentation and automation. The platform offers over 100 integration options, including Shopify and WooCommerce, so connecting your site to Drip will be a breeze.

Additional features of Drip include workflows, signup forms, segmentation and advanced analytics.

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